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Collection summary:
  1. 56 computers/consoles/terminals (pre-2009)
  2. 12 monitors/display
  3. 17 peripherals
  4. various essential peripherals (like keyboards, mice, controllers made in that era)
  5. 1 calculators
  6. hundreds of programs/games
  7. tens of manuals
  8. magazines and data on disks and paper (like A.N.A.L.O.G., AtariAge and ANTIC)
A few computers in the collection were donated by kind people. Some help came in form of advice or software.
My thanks to:
  1. Gilbert Coville - for a very nice (working) TRS-80 Model III
  2. Michael Gallaher - for IBM PC 5160, a lot of ISA/PCI cards, a Packard Bell corner computer and boards for a Sphere 1
  3. Dave Mau/Jason Alday - for a very nice IBM P70 (PS/2 model 8573-031)
If you have a machine, peripheral, piece of software please contact me at: digiloguecollection at gmail.com