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Computer History videos


1972 - Magnavox Odyssey

Computer history! First ever home game console, Magnavox Odyssey designed by Ralph Baer and introduced in 1972. In this video we take a look at the history of its creation, what other products did Magnavox do. We also look in the box and even open the console up to see its insides.

1975 - SWTPC 6800

Computer history video! We talk about the vintage computer SWTPC 6800 which was one of the first successful computers build around the Motorola 6800 CPU. It used an interesting bus, SS-50, and used to be sold as a kit.

1979 - DEC PDP 11

DEC Digital PDP-11 introduction part of Computer History series! We take a look at what is PDP-11, connect it to a space-age terminal and we play around with its debug mode and write a simple program. We explain what is inside a PDP-11 and how you can connect to it today.

1979 - Heathkit H89

Computer history series video on Heathkit H89! Travel through the rich computer history, this time we take a look at the CP/M machine Heathkit H89 which was sold (for a time) as a computer kit, that one could put together. Decent specs, doubles as a terminal and good quality build makes for an interesting machine.

1979 - Atari 800

Computer History! We talk about 1979 released Atari 800, a very important vintage computer whose architecture endured for almost 13 years.